IV Infusion Parties & Groups

What’s better than getting an IV infusion of vitamins and minerals? Getting an IV infusion with friends! Turn any occasion into an IV party, where your whole group can enjoy receiving their IV hydration therapy together– wherever you are!

Add a layer of health and wellness to your next event with the power of IV therapy. Whether with friends, family or coworkers, the benefits of IV therapy are for everyone to enjoy. IV parties are great for special occasions, corporate events, pool parties, or to simply prepare for a fun night out. Contact us today to learn more about our IV parties and how they can benefit you!

What are IV parties?

IV parties are becoming increasingly popular in the US, especially among wellness focused individuals. IV parties are events where people can receive IV therapy, administered by a nurse and medical professionals. Our registered nurses come to you equipped with a variety of special infusions and blends designed specifically to your needs, whether you’re seeking rehydration, vitamin supplementation, or hangover prevention.

While IV parties are a way to improve health and well-being, some view them as a social opportunity as well. Either way, with the end goal of feeling your best, receiving your infusions together can be a fun and worthwhile experience.

What happens at an IV party?

At an IV party, Liquid Mobile IV registered nurses and practitioners will administer IV hydration therapy to attendees. The type of therapy administered will often depend on the wellness goal of the attendee. For example, if your party is preparing for an evening of drinking, attendees may receive a solution tailored to hangover prevention, energy and recovery.

Attendees will typically sit or recline in a comfortable chair during the IV therapy. The clinical team will assess the need, start the IV, monitor progress and evaluate if the goal was accomplished.

Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties + Weddings

Instead of dreading the morning-after blues from a crazy weekend of fun, imagine you could ensure everyone in your wedding party will be in tip-top shape for your big day. That’s right, ahead of a wild weekend, brides, grooms and wedding parties are opting to get their IV hydration, vitamins and minerals to elevate their wellness and sustain good health.

Looking to treat your bachelor and bachelorette parties to a boost of hydration and vitamins ahead of a long night of fun? Or is it the big day, and everyone’s in need of some recovery and rejuvenation? Avoid the hangovers and keep energy levels high with an IV party! IV therapy is a perfect way to help couples and their parties feel and look their best every step of the way. Hop on to one of the latest unique trends in wedding festivities your guests are sure to enjoy.

Golf Outings

Next time you and your friends hit the greens, stay on top of your game with an IV hydration infusion! The best part– you won’t miss your tee time. Our IV therapies can keep you hydrated during a long day in the sun, or give your immune system a boost with some allergy relief, so that nothing can slow you down. Perfect for the whole crew!

How much does an IV party cost?

The cost of an IV party will vary depending on the number of guests, the length of the party, and the location. Reach out to us at (855) 954-7843 for more details!