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A commitment to better.

At Liquid Mobile IV, YOU are the priority! That is why we exist, to go the extra mile for your health and to set the standard in the industry – bringing our expert clinicians to your door to help empower you to make meaningful improvements in your everyday health. Precisely formulated, nutrient rich IVs designed to boost performance, improve recovery, and optimize health. We’re here to put better health within reach.

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Dr. Laura Purdy, M.D.


Dr. Laura Purdy, M.D.

Dr. Laura Purdy is a board-certified family medicine physician currently licensed in 48 states. She served as a physician in the US Army for 14 years and has worked in both outpatient and inpatient settings providing care for all ages. Additionally, she has held several leadership positions and has a strong passion for health and wellness services. Dr. Purdy continues to be a pioneer in wellness, often at the forefront on trends that help us live better lives.

Dr. Rosensweet


Dr. Daved Rosensweet, M.D.

Founder of The Menopause Method & I Wonder, Dr. Rosensweet graduated from University of Michigan Medical School and has practiced across the United States. Dr. Rosensweet is the founder of the Institute of Bio-identical Medicine where medical providers have been training on how to master cBHRT for more than 15 years using the most advanced and modern tools. He was named Named “One of The Biggest Names in Anti-Aging Medicine” by The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, serves as a national speaker & mentor on the study of hormones and is often called upon by national governing bodies regarding bio-identical hormones. He has successfully treated over 12,000 men and women on this method.

5 Benefits of Glutathione IV Hydration Therapy

Affordability, Convenience & Same-day Appointments

Liquid Mobile IV has IV hydration and injections to fit everyone’s budget. Also, clinics are centrally located for your convenience. Don’t want to go to a clinic? No problem! We’ll send a nurse to you. Same day appointments available.



Liquid Mobile IV works hand-in-hand with state of the art, FDA 503A and 503B pharmaceutical partners that provide access to high-quality nutritional medications across the US. A compounding pharmacy is a pharmacy that uses licensed pharmacists to create highly customized pharmaceutical drugs that meet the specific needs of our Guests.

liquid mobile iv clinic

Clinical Team

With over 50 physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses and pharmacists, we have you covered. Most clinicians have 15+ years of healthcare experience, giving you the clinical quality and excellence you deserve.

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Proven Formularies

How do you know what you are receiving can be trusted? Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent testing your formulary. Some of the best pharmacists in the industry are continually improving upon the formularies to ensure optimal outcomes in your wellness.

liquid mobile iv team at wedding parties

Group Infusions

Wedding party, golf outing, guys night out? No problem. We can infuse one-on-one or large groups. Happy to host you in our Recovery Lounge or come to your location.

The Latest from Liquid

As a leader in hydration, we understand and embrace the fact that the wellness industry is always moving forward. Count on us to keep you updated on new products and breakthroughs that can help elevate your health.

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