The Benefits of IV Hydration Nutrition

IV hydration nutrition and therapy can have profound benefits on elevating your health and wellness. With on-demand IV hydration, you can have your therapy when you want it, where you want it. By infusing directly into the bloodstream, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, co-enzymes, medications, and other ingredients become immediately bioavailable, meaning your body and cells can absorb right away.

According to Oxford Urgent Care, IV hydration delivers the following health and wellness benefits:

IV Hydration Nutrition Benefits1. Increase Energy

Lack of hydration and nutrients can often lead to fatigue and chronic fatigue. Hydration with the right ingredients can help provide your cells with the fuel they need.

2. Boost Immunity

With cold and flu season coming, and viruses constantly lingering, the right variety of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants can assist with detoxifying your cells, reducing free radicals, and providing your cells with the nourishment needed.

3. Reduce Pain

Whether it is an inflammatory issue, migraine, strain on your tissues, and following an athletic event, hydration can be key to fueling your cells, while providing cells with the necessary ingredients such as glutathione administered directly into your bloodstream.

4. Faster Recovery

Reliance on the digestive system may not always be the fastest means to recovery. Absorption can be limited, especially if the digestive track is put under stress.  IV infusion can have up to 100% absorption upon administration.

Key take-aways that Oxford Urgent Care highlights are that if your health and wellness issues are left unattended, they can worsen over time. Dehydration as one example can cause a multitude of health-related problems, but if addressed, can help put you on a road to recovery and sustainable good health.


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