What To Expect with Mobile IV Nutritional Hydration Therapy

What Should You Expect with Mobile IV Nutritional Hydration Therapy?

This is a great question to ask! The response is easy.

With Liquid Mobile IV, you can expect the physician and nursing team to assist with your overall health, to help you feel elevated by administering IV nutritional hydration therapy, in the comfort and safety of your own home. The process is ultra-simple and typically as only highly seasoned, licensed RNs, that have done thousands of IVs, injections, and infusions.

What Should You Expect with Mobile IV Nutritional Hydration Therapy?Here is what you can expect once you’ve scheduled your appointment and your Concierge Nurse arrives:

  1. Find a spot in your home, office or location that is most comfortable and convenient for you.
  2. Our Concierge Nurse will review your goals for the infusion, wellness plan, ingredients in the formulary and what you should expect to feel.
  3. A small gauge IV will be swiftly inserted, often described by Guests as not even feeling it or feeling like a small pinch.
  4. A single infusion typically takes about 45 minutes, with the nurse continually assessing you, to ensure your comfort and well-being.
  5. After the infusion, your nurse will remove the IV, encourage you to continually hydrate and address any questions you may have in regards to your discharge instructions.

Setting up a regular Liquid Mobile IV nutrition hydration therapy program with our physician and nursing team may be recommended to assist with your wellness journey and continue to build toward the best self that you can be. Of course, you can always request the Concierge Nurse that has assisted you in the past. Also, your nurse is able to assist multiple individuals at one time in a single household or location. COVID testing is always available as well.

To learn more, schedule an appointment today at LiquidMobileIV.com.

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