Press Release: Mobile IV Hydration Provider Liquid Mobile IV Expands into Arizona

Mobile IV Hydration Provider Liquid Mobile IV Expands into Arizona

24/7 on-demand, at-home services available with no additional fee

Overland Park, KS, Feb. 22, 2022 –Liquid Mobile IV, focused on advancing
community health by delivering IV hydration and nutrition therapy in the comfort and
safety of one’s own home, office, or preferred location, has expanded services into
Arizona. The easy-to-schedule mobile IV hydration service, also serving Kansas and
Missouri, is typically at the client’s doorstep within two hours of their request —
accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A clinical team that includes a primary
physician leader backed by nearly 20 physicians, nurse practitioners, pharmacists and
nurses, ensures that Liquid Mobile IV quickly delivers a high-quality customer
experience. There is no additional fee for the mobile, on-demand service.

Liquid Mobile IV’s products are specifically created for each customer’s unique needs,
as reported by the customer. Issues addressed range from cold, flu, nausea and
migraine to weight management, anti-aging, and mental clarity. Liquid Mobile IV’s tested
formularies are designed to properly and efficiently improve and optimize your health.

Because IV hydration and essential nutrients are delivered directly into your
bloodstream, a maximum absorption rate of up to 100% may be achievable in a
reduced period of time. Recovery time may also be reduced because IV nutrients and
supplements go directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive tract and directly
benefitting the body systems more quickly, according to Laura Purdy, MD, Liquid Mobile
IV’s lead physician, family practitioner and 15-year military veteran, who is excited to
expand the organization’s reach into the Phoenix community.

“We can now help Phoenix-area consumers achieve their health and wellness goals
with the highest standards of quality care,” said Purdy. “For us, optimizing the
consumer’s health and safety requires that we meet them where they already are,
provide them with great services, and to the extent possible, eliminate their exposure to
any additional viruses or illnesses they could encounter on the way to or in a traditional
clinical setting.”

According to Christine Ricci, RN, CEO and managing partner, the organization’s
commitment to high-quality care, patient safety and wellness begins with its business
partners. “We only work with pharmaceutical companies that provide FDA 503B
pharmaceutical outsourcing, as well as 503A pharmacies that offer high-quality, age-
management, wellness-focused, nutritional medications. This helps ensure that we
provide precisely formulated, nutrient-rich IVs that help our customers be healthy—and
stay that way!”

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About Liquid Mobile IV
Founded in 2021, Liquid Mobile IV specializes in IV hydration therapy, including anti-
aging, weight management, nausea and vomiting, cold and flu, performance and
recovery, migraine, Myers’ Cocktail, and hangover. Whether you are looking to slow
down the aging process, recover from a cold or athletic event, or improve general
hydration levels, our nurses, nurse practitioners and physicians are here to assist. We
operate 24×7, on-demand and are generally on your doorstep in two hours. For more
information, please visit us at IV Hydration Provider Liquid Mobile IV Expands into Arizona

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