Everything You Need to Know About Medical Weight Loss 

Are you seeking a more personalized approach to weight management? Maybe 5 to 10 pounds for an upcoming event or 15+ pounds to help with your overall wellness. You’re in the right place! Liquid Mobile now offers medical-based, tailored solutions designed specifically for your health and wellness needs. With a medically managed weight loss program, you can take control of chronic issues like weight management, metabolism concerns and excess pounds – empowering your journey towards achieving optimal wellbeing. Average weight loss is 15% to 20% of body weight.

What is Medical Weight Loss?

With the double epidemic of obesity and diabetes continuing to rise, medical weight loss is becoming a critical solution. Achieving sustainable weight loss and improving quality of life is possible with a two-step personalized approach.

  • Step 1: Medical professionals analyze every aspect of a patient’s health, including medical history and past attempts at dieting or working out.
  • Step 2: They create an individualized plan modified with dietary requirements, exercise regimens and medication when needed.

Which Medications Help with Weight Loss?

Losing weight involves leading a healthy lifestyle, including eating healthy and working out regularly. However, sometimes these methods are not enough, and that’s where medications come in. Medications can be an effective aid in the battle against obesity and can significantly improve your weight-loss journey. They give you an added boost to help shed those extra pounds and increase your chances of success, especially if you’ve hit a weight-loss plateau. Liquid Mobile offers a variety of options:

  • Semaglutide: Works by mimicking the effects of a hormone in the body that regulates blood sugar levels and appetite. This means that when Semaglutide is taken, it can help reduce feelings of hunger, leading to less food intake and weight loss. It has been shown to be particularly helpful for those who have struggled with losing weight through other methods, as well as those who suffer from health issues associated with obesity, such as diabetes and heart disease.
  • Peptides: Peptides are small chains of amino acids found naturally in the body. They play an essential role in various bodily functions, including growth and repair. When used in combination with a healthy diet and exercise program, peptide therapy can aid in fat loss, muscle growth and metabolism regulation. Peptides work by stimulating the release of human growth hormone, which helps speed up weight loss and improve body composition. Additionally, peptide therapy has been found to increase energy levels and reduce appetite, making it easier for patients to stick to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Tirzepatide: A ‘first-in-class’ medication, this innovative medical option works by lowering glycemic levels, improving insulin sensitivity, reducing body weight by over 20% and enhancing lipid metabolism. Tirzepatide is a dual-receptor agonist that targets two hormones, GLP-1 and GIP, which play critical roles in regulating glucose and blood sugar levels. The medication is a synthetic peptide analog of GIP hormone that attaches to albumin, a type of protein in the bloodstream, delivering the drug’s dose.
  • B6: Vitamin B6 helps with the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, and ensures our nervous system functions properly. But how does it help with medical weight loss? B6 is known for its ability to regulate blood sugar levels, which can prevent cravings and overeating. Additionally, it helps with the production of serotonin, a chemical that regulates appetite and mood. By incorporating B6 into weight loss management, patients can better control hunger levels and achieve weight loss goals more effectively.
  • Lipo-mino: Lipo-mino is a relatively new technique that uses injectables. It works by combining lipotropic agents, compounds that help break down fat, with amino acids that support metabolism. The beauty of Lipo-mino is that it’s a targeted approach to weight loss that doesn’t require major lifestyle changes or surgery. Instead, patients receive regular injections that work to break down fat and support their body’s natural processes. With Lipo-mino, medical weight loss doesn’t have to be a daunting or uncomfortable process, and people can see real results in a shorter amount of time.
  • Nutritional consulting: This form of consulting primarily focuses on creating a personalized nutrition plan that caters to the individual’s body type, medical history and lifestyle. A nutritionist may conduct various tests to determine the patient’s baseline nutrient levels, such as micronutrient deficiencies and food allergies, then craft a specialized meal plan that will help them achieve their weight loss goals while also ensuring they receive optimal nutrition. Nutritional consulting provides a holistic approach to weight loss that considers all facets of a patient’s health, making it an effective method for anyone looking to shed pounds in a safe and sustainable way.

Is Medical Weight Loss Safe?

When it comes to weight loss, many individuals turn to medical interventions such as surgery or prescription medication. However, some may question the safety of these methods. It is important to note that medical weight loss programs are typically carried out under the guidance of trained professionals, including doctors and nutritionists. These programs may involve a combination of personalized diet plans, exercise routines, and medication when appropriate. While there are always risks associated with any medical intervention, these risks are usually minimized when the program is overseen by a knowledgeable team.

Additionally, medical weight loss may be a safer option for individuals with certain health conditions that make traditional weight loss methods more difficult. Ultimately, those considering medical weight loss should carefully weigh the risks and benefits with the guidance of a trusted healthcare provider.

How Much Does Medical Weight Loss Cost & Does Insurance Cover Medical Weight Loss?

If you’re considering medical weight loss, it’s important to understand the cost and insurance coverage. The cost of medical weight loss can vary depending on the specific program and location. Typically, you can expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. However, it’s important to keep in mind that this cost is often worth it when considering long-term health benefits. In terms of insurance coverage, some plans may cover medical weight loss while others may not. Private insurance plans may offer some coverage, while Medicare and Medicaid may cover certain treatments. It’s important to check with your specific insurance provider to determine what is covered under your plan.

Ready to Get Started?

Liquid Mobile is now offering medical weight loss services both in-clinic and for mobile visits, price affordably for you and the community. If you have just a few pounds to lose, or much more, Liquid Mobile has the solution for you. Advancing your health starts by getting the right nutrients at the right time. Our trained nurses are equipped to provide a variety of services and support you on your weight loss journey. Let us create a program tailored to your unique needs for optimal results! To speak with an expert clinician, schedule a consultation or have a nurse come to you, book here!

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