IV Hydration and Injections Discharge Instructions

After care instructions for IV infusion, IM injection therapy and lab tests:

  • Apply pressure to site for 2 minutes after IV has been removed or up to 1 minute after injection.
  • Keep Band-aid or gauze w/coban in place for 1 hour after completion.
  • Cold packs and arm elevation can be used for any bruising, pain relief, and to decrease swelling at the IV site.
  • Any swelling that occurs should be significantly reduced in 24 hours after therapy.
  • Post IV infusion symptoms are uncommon. Dehydration is the cause of most symptoms and concerns.
    • We encourage drinking at least one or two 16oz bottles of water after your infusion.
    • If dehydration is an issue for you, the following symptoms may be present – headaches, nausea, joint pain, blurred vision, cramping (GI and Muscular), mental confusion, or disorientation.

 Most experience significant overall improvements:

  • Greater hydration levels
  • Increased energy levels
  • Improve mental clarity
  • Overall feeling of well-being

 Guests commonly report one of two patterns after IV infusion & IM therapy:

  • Guests generally feel better right away after therapy. Due to a busy lifestyle, many people are chronically dehydrated and deficient in vitamins and minerals causing them to not feel well or unbalanced. Once the guest is hydrated and the nutrients are replaced, their symptoms improve quickly.
  • Guests sometimes feel tired or unwell. These guests are generally in the process of detoxifying. During this detoxifying process initiated by IV therapy, toxins are pulled out of tissues. When they re-enter the blood stream, they continue to be toxic to the body until they are pushed out and eliminated, but they are now on their way OUT instead of on their way IN. Even when patients do not feel well at this stage, the process is one of healing and cleansing. After this period, an overall improvement in one’s sense of well-being is generally reported.

 Commonly asked question…

How often will I need IV & IM Vitamin Therapy infusions? The number and frequency of infusions will vary depending on certain factors.

  • Condition(s) being addressed
  • Current health status of the Guest and physical activity level
  • Response of the Guest to the infusion

Most Guests can repeat infusions as often as once a week.  A more specific plan will be developed as we go along.

REMINDER: Call (Your Clinic) or your Primary Care Doctor for any of the following symptoms get progressively worse or you become uncomfortable with:

  • Significant swelling over the injection site – Redness over the vein that is increasing in size.
  • Pain in the vein/arm that is not improving over an 8–12-hour period
  • Headache that does not resolve with increased hydration or over-the-counter pain relievers like aspirin, acetaminophen or Ibuprofen

For any medical emergency, please contact 911 immediately.

Always include and work with your primary care provider and medical team on all services provided by Liquid Mobile. It is essential that they are well aware of all assistance provided by Liquid Mobile and in agreement that it is a good fit for your overall wellness goals.