Mobile IV Hydration: Who Comes to Me?

It is always very important to know who is servicing your IV hydration needs and to ask the appropriate questions, so you know your health, safety and well-being are of the highest priority.  Important questions to ask include:


  • What are the credentials of the individual completing the IV hydration?
  • How many years of experience does that individual have doing IV infusioMobile IV Hydration: Who Comes to Me? ns?
  • How involved is the medical team with your IV infusion?   
  • Who is part of the medical team assisting with infusions?


At Liquid Mobile IV, your medical team is made up of physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses and pharmacists, many with over 15 years of experience in healthcare and with IV infusions. All work together to ensure your IV hydration fits your unique needs. When you call, you typically are speaking directly with a seasoned healthcare provider, mastered in the field of IV hydration. 

Call, click or come by to speak with our medical team of physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses and pharmacists today. or dial 855.954.7843.

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