What is Myers Cocktail?

Myers Cocktail is an infusion that includes multiple vitamins and minerals. It was first created by John Myers MD, to help with a wide range of conditions including asthma, migraines, fatigue, muscle spasms, allergies, upper respiratory infections, chronic sinusitis and chronic fatigue. With over 15,000 infusions performed Dr. Gaby, a nutritional medical expert, became a champion of this micronutrient therapy for relieving symptoms of a multitude of conditions including fibromyalgia syndrome. 

What are the Benefits of Myers Cocktail IV therapy?

Benefits may include:

  • Assistance with Immunity
  • Relief from chronic conditions
  • What is Myers Cocktail? Increased energy 
  • Aid in weight loss
  • Elevated mood
  • Improved mental clarity

What is in Myers Cocktail?

One of the most popular IV nutritional therapy’s, Myers Cocktail, infuses calcium, vitamin C, B-vitamin complex, and more, directly into your bloodstream so it is more readily absorbed, which may not occur with oral supplements. Request your IV Myers Cocktail today, to have your infusion done on-demand, in the comfort and safety of your home or location of choice.

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