10 Common Myths and Misconceptions About IV Therapy 

Many people interested in taking charge of their overall health and wellness are looking to IV therapy. But with so many myths and misconceptions out there, how do you know what’s fact or fiction? Read below as we debunk ten common myths and misconceptions about IV therapy.

IV Myth #1: IV therapy is only for people who are dehydrated.

Fact: While IV therapy can help people who are dehydrated, it can also be used to aid a variety of other conditions. For example, IV therapy can provide relief to those suffering from migraines or headaches, as well as those who have colds or the flu.

IV Myth #2: IV therapy is only for celebrities and the wealthy.

Fact: While IV therapy may have been popularized among celebrities and the wealthy, it is becoming increasingly accessible and affordable for everyone. Many cities nationwide now have IV therapy providers.

IV Myth #3: IV therapy is painful.

Fact: While very few people may experience a slight discomfort when the IV needle is first inserted, the procedure is generally not painful. In fact, most people report feeling relief from their symptoms shortly after IV therapy begins.

IV Myth #4: IV therapy can only be done in a hospital or doctor’s office.

Fact: While IV therapy services were traditionally only done in a hospital or doctor’s office, there are now many IV therapy clinics that offer services on an outpatient basis. This means that you can get IV therapy without having to be admitted to a hospital.In fact, Liquid Mobile IV takes convenience a step further by bringing IV therapy to you, wherever you are. You can receive IV therapy in the comfort of your home, office, or even at your next bachelor/bachelorette party.

IV Myth #5: IV therapy is risky.

Fact: While any medical procedure has some risk associated with it, IV therapy is generally considered to be safe. The risks associated with IV therapy are typically low and can be further minimized by working with a qualified and experienced IV therapy provider like Liquid Mobile IV.  Also, ensuring that the medical team is made up of physicians, pharmacists, nurse practitioners and nurses will help keep you safe.

IV Myth #6: IV therapy is only for people who are sick.

Fact: While IV therapy is often used to aid people who are sick, it can also be used for healthy people who want to improve their overall health and wellness. IV therapy can help deliver essential nutrients and minerals your body needs, and even strengthen your immune system.

IV Myth #7: IV therapy is expensive.

Fact: While IV therapies can vary in price depending on what is in the infusion, there are many affordable options available. Some IV therapy providers may work with HSAs and insurance plans that cover IV therapies. Ask your provider to learn more.

IV Myth #8: IV therapy is only for people who are “into” alternative medicine.

Fact: While IV therapy may be more popular among people who seek out alternative medicine, it is becoming increasingly mainstream. Many traditional medical doctors are now incorporating IV therapy into their practice.

IV Myth #9: IV therapy is only for people with serious chronic health conditions.

Fact: While IV therapy can be used to aid people with serious health conditions, it can also be used to remedy every day, common ailments. For example, IV therapy can help reduce the symptoms of dehydration and hangovers.

IV Myth #10: IV therapy is new and untested.

Fact: While IV therapy is relatively new, it is based on sound medical principles and has been used for many years. In fact, IV therapy has been used to aid a variety of conditions for centuries.

With so many myths and misconceptions about IV therapy out in the world, it’s important to hear the facts from a reputable provider like Liquid Mobile IV. Try IV therapy for yourself and receive a special offer when you book your first appointment!

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